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Everyone should look back at their car and smile! 

Cars with Cameron is the result of 30+ years of passion.

Cameron's passion for cars started at a young age, when he would vroom around Hot Wheels, build car models, and read everything he could about the latest and greatest car technology. His favorite activity as a kid was watching his parents 1991 Ford Explorer instructional video, and if you wanted him to sit down long enough to watch a full movie, you had to promise him that the movie had at least one car chase.


Years later, Cameron turned that passion into a career by assisting car shoppers with finding the best car for their needs and lifestyle. Featured in publications such as Road & Track and Dream Garage, Cameron utilizes his journalism degree to ask people the right questions and researches cars from end to end in order to provide a full car report to Customers, while also continuously driving the newest cars on the market to make sure his reports are not based on just research, but from experience. 

If you're not sure if Cameron's experience is right for you, take a look at his car reviews as well as other testimonials. When you're ready, book a free, 15-minute consultation to learn more about Cars with Cameron, so we can get you into your next vehicle that makes you feel great! 

Contact Cars with Cameron to learn more about this service through a FREE 15-minute consultation below. You may also email us at

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